Quake II is the follow up to Quake. Developed by id Software and using an upgraded game engine, Quake II was originally supposed to be an all-new project, but was attached to the Quake brand following difficulties in securing a new title.

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Quake II is a slower, more tactical game than Quake, although it retains many of Quake's advanced movement mechanics, and id's signature "kill-em-all" style of gameplay.

Players are able to Strafe Jump, Bunny Hop, and use various explosives to boost themselves, although unlike the first game, there is no air control. This means that players can pick up a lot of speed going in a single direction, but are unable to swerve in mid-air or bunny hop around corners.

Weapon switching in Quake II takes a lot longer, forcing players to think carefully about which weapons to choose for a given situation, and weapons generally fire much more slowly.

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